10 confidence building exercises

Confidence building exercises should be on everyone’s daily to do list because we all need to have a good self confidence and self esteem.

And, while there are people who have at least a decent amount of those and don’t necessarily need more, the vast majority of people have low self confidence and low self esteem. This is why, it is a must that we learn efficient self confidence building exercises that can turn us into confident persons. The lack of self confidence is such a huge problem today that we should all take it very seriously.

This lack of trust in our own abilities is very dangerous to our potential as it can stop us from doing the things that we are really capable of doing and keep us into a dark corner of doubts. So many individuals live in fear of not saying something stupid or not doing something wrong. This fear stops them from actually accomplishing anything good, because they are too afraid to even try. They just want to be left alone into their own, little world, where no one, but themselves can enter. This is a tragedy! When we should all be opened and unleash the giant potential that each of us has, there are still some of us who do not use their entire potential.

Some of the most known confidence building tips and exercises are presented in a list bellow. Thousands of persons have used them already and for most of them, they did the job they were supposed to do. So, you should read them and pick one and get started. Take each confidence building exercise seriously and don’t just treat them like something magic: you will have to do the work, you will have to use them for a while so that you can reap the rewards. Do not just expect that if you do it once or twice, you will be a self confidence expert. To get something worthwhile, you will need to put in some effort. With those thoughts in mind, you can start reading.

1. Breathing techniques for confidence

There are many, many breathing techniques that can help people build up their confidence. For example, whenever you feel nervous, a simple building confidence exercise says that you should just breath until you calm yourself. It’s simple and effective and it can save you from a lot of misery. Just think about it: when was the last time when you said something stupid because you were nervous? When you are nervous, you should not talk, but breath until you calm down. This also works in cases where one is preparing for a big event and is stressed out.

2. Get a notebook

This is a relatively simple confidence building exercise that can easily be put in action starting today. All you have to do is get a notebook and start using it for recording all the good things that you manage to do. By writing down everything that you do well from your workplace or from home, you will start to gain a decent level of self confidence.

Tip! Whenever you feel down you can just open this notebook and start reading it. Once you see how many good things you have managed to do in the recent past, you will feel amazing. “Did I do all of that! Man that’s something!” Keep reading through the notebook because all that’s in there is true and it’s done by you! So, you can do great things in your life! The notebook is just a confirmation that you are a great person that can do things the right way! You should be proud of yourself!

3. The mindset

One of the most important confidence building exercises, is, without doubt the exercise which can have the most positive influence on your entire person. This is one of the most utilized self confidence building exercises that have been available to us humans for thousands of years, yet we did not learn to appreciate it but until recently. This is simple. It’s called “getting into a CAN DO mind set”. All you have to do is to do all that you can to become a person that rarely says “No”, “I can’t do this”, “Have to”, “Should”, “Must”, “I’ll do it later”. All these words are toxic for your self confidence.

They slowly and very surely killing all the self esteem and self confidence you have. Stop using these words that mean nothing. Use strong, motivating words like “I will do this”, “I am doing it”, “Sure”, “Yes”, “Of course I can do it”, “I can”. There is such a great line between what you think you can do and you can actually do that you will be amazed. Because you are set on saying “I can’t do this” you won’t even start even though you can do almost anything if you want. Just begin by saying “Yes I can”. It does not matter if you think you can or not. Just say that every time you do something. You will notice that your percentages of successes will start to go up and this will prove to you that you can actually do it. Start being that “CAN DO” man or woman that you were always meant to be and live your life with a strong, powerful self confidence!

This last exercise is used and you should also used it as one of your confidence building exercises for kids. It works for both adults and kids, so make you child think good thoughts about him and what he can do.

4. Self hypnosis for self confidence

Another one of those confidence building exercises for adults is this: self hypnosis for self confidence. This means that you will begin to learn about how this technique is done and how it can benefit you, and then apply what you have learned on yourself. You will flood your mind with ideas and thoughts that will make you more self confident and more aware of you limitless capabilities. Within this self hypnosis you must learn to calm yourself and to only pay attention to a single element. But, this procedure is a little more complicated and we are not going to talk about it here. One simple thing you can do though, to start things of, is to make it a habit of yours to tell yourself a couple of things right when you go to sleep at night and when you wake up.

At night, when you feel sleep, just lie in your bed and repeat these simple affirmations for self confidence or affirmations for self esteem: “I am a unique creation. I am special with every single cell in my body. I can do anything. Anything. Anything that I set my mind to do. There is no one and nothing that can stop me. If I truly want something I will achieve it. I will put all my strength in my actions and I will break any obstacle that may rise. I am a great person! I feel positive energy running through my entire body. I know now that I am confident in my abilities and in myself. I will become a magnet from success and I am starting right now. I am amazing!” These are intended to make you feel better about yourself and to push that red button that will start making you more aware of the extraordinary powers you have within your soul. You are truly unique in this world and you can achieve great things!

You can say some other positive affirmations in the morning, just so that you start you day in a positive way: “This day will be wonderful for me! I will live one of the best days of my life today! Everything in the Universe will help me with every step that I make! I feel like a new man/women! I feel amazing! I am certain that this day will be one of those days that I will remember my entire existence! I feel self confident and sure that I will do great things today! I am a person who does things! I am a winner!” Make sure that you say this as soon as you woke up because that it one of the moments when we are most receptive.

5. Exercise at work

Did you ever use confidence building exercises at work? Why not? Maybe you just did not knew any of them so here is one that will transform you into a success. If you have been in the working field, you have surely started to notice the things that you seem to just do better than others. Maybe others even told you that you have a special something about a certain thing that you do at work. Remember what they said. What can you do better than others and with no effort? There is surely at least one if not more things that you really shine at. Find these things.

Maybe you can think faster than anyone else and solutions to problems just pop up inside your head really fast. While others are struggling to realize the problem, you already have the solution to it. If you can do this, them admit to yourself that you can do this better than others and commit to becoming even better on it. Start reading books on the subjects, talk to people that also have this capacity, see movies, seminars, videos about this. Become a real expert at it. If there are more things, learn about them all. Congratulate yourself from time to time about your particular ability and cherish it. It does not matter that others do not have what you have. They will have another ability. Never, ever be ashamed of the good things you have! Be proud of them and learn to get better!

6. Compliment yourself!

Have you ever complimented yourself? Maybe one time or twice but why don’t you do it on a daily basis? This is one of the best confidence building exercises for teenagers and not only and you should really try it. You don’t need to let someone else see you while you are doing this. Just do it at home. In front of a mirror. Talk about the great things you did in the past, this week, today. Congratulate yourself on those because you did do them. After you have realized the great gifts that you have, the great abilities that you seem to have naturally, start talking about those with yourself. Say things like: “I am truly amazing! Just to think of how fast I solved that problem! Man, I truly am special and I will do my best to become even better! I will use all my knowledge to help myself, my co-workers, my family!”

7. Create more

Another free self confidence building exercise that you can use it to learn to create more. What this means is that you will start to find new connections in old things and create new ones. You could have done this anytime you wanted, but because of your lack of self confidence, you didn’t. Now it’s time to embrace your creative side that every person has. Try to find ways to improve old things. Try to combine things to get a new one. Do this exercise every single day. Look at problems from new angles and give your best to find new solutions. Never give up until you do!

8. Expand

One of the simplest confidence building exercises for children and for adults is to expand one’s knowledge area. If you know a little about your country’s history then learn more. Try to find the areas that you really need at work or at home and start becoming better at those because they will help you the most. If you need to become better at selling, then start doing whatever it takes to get it done. Learning never ends in life and you must never forget that. Once you start improving in the areas that you truly need, you will also gain self esteem and confidence in your own abilities. The more you know the better you will feel. Just get out of your cozy comfort zone and build your confidence! It’s not hard to read a couple of pages from a selling related book each day. Watch videos about this. Listen to audios in your car. Surround yourself with what you want to learn and you will become a true expert in time.

9. Goals

This tip is about setting goals and you might already heard that this is a good thing to do for anyone. If you do not have goals in your life then you do not know where you are going. Tell me this: if you leave from work with the goal to get home, how much time will you make until you get there? Maybe 30 minutes? 1 hour because of the traffic? But what happens if you leave from work and don’t really know where you want to go? When will you probably get home? 3 hours later? 5? 7?

It’s the same things with goals. When you don’t know where you want to go, you either won’t get there at all or it is going to take you a very long time to get there. And, I for one, love to to achieve things faster if possible, don’t you? Do you want to waste time and effort on something that could be done in 5 minutes. Of course not! You want to do as many things possible in as a short time frame as possible! This means that you have to set goals in every area of your life. Every area! Work, personal life, social life, health and fitness, and everything else that is important to you.

Do not delay! Start today and set goals that are very clear and have a certain deadline on them. Don’t say ” I will do this this year”, say “I will sell 10 cars until 30 December 2012″. Put numbers in all your goals because that is the best way your brain works. He recognizes numbers and will help you achieve your goals because he understands deadlines.

10. Body language

Body language is a very important aspect in your self confidence. It can show everyone around you how confident you are. If you walk straight, with your eyes looking forward, then this shows that you have a good confidence in yourself and it also help you have a better confidence. How come? Just try it. The next time when you feel down, look at your posture. You are probably walking with a very bad posture. If so, change it right then: eyes forward, back straight, keep your head high.

Only doing this will make you feel better about yourself. Another thing that is important here is the clothes you wear. These can make you shine self confidence a mile away or it can show to all the people around you that you have a very low self esteem and self confidence.

These are just 10 free confidence building exercises that will help you succeed in life and improve your self confidence. I might come back to this list and add new ones, but it will all be done according to the time I have for this. If you would like to help out and are aware of other self confidence building exercises, then you can leave a comment bellow. Your help is truly appreciated!

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  1. Leila August 10, 2010 at 9:27 am #

    This was a great interesting post. Thank you.
    I am trying to be more confident by the time I go back to school ( I am 12 years old )
    And I wanna be confident and cool!!! ;)
    Thanks. I’m gonna try with all of these excersises to be the best that I can be.
    I paticuluarly liked the paragraph where you explained to make a positive sentence about yourself when youre about to go to sleep and your in bed! =]
    Thanks so much, Leila.

  2. Haratio December 15, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    This has been great, even just reading through and giving some of it a quick go has made me feel better about myself and the fact you have put the time in to write this for free is really great, I’m sick of companies trying to profit from a bit of helpful advice, its good to see someone helping people for free, thank you very much, you have really helped! :)

    I’ll very recommend this to people!

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